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You don't get a medal for it, you dumb honky


"If you hail from the shores of the Emerald Isle - or wish you did... if the blood in your veins is as green as a shamrock, and your heart's full of blarney, then the Saint of the Step loves ya. If you believe in the little people, and you know that there's a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, then you belong to the Saint of the Step!"
--from Disney's The Luck of the Irish

"See, I was thinking it was too cluttered. You know, I wanna wipe all of this out and concentrate on one main decorative statement. Like Marvin the Martian."
--Travis Birkenstock, Clueless
'80s country music, 30 rock, aimee mann, ang lee, ankaburgers, baseball, being behind the times, bronte sisters, bruce campbell, burgertime, burly men with guns, burn notice, bustin', cakes made from beef, carla gugino, cats, character actors, cheese curds, cheese freaks, chicago, chicago cubs, chris cooper, christopher guest films, clive owen, coen brothers, colin firth, community, cooking, count choculitis, dairy products, deadwood, detroit 1-8-7, dolly parton, dr. ted nelson, eugene levy's eyebrows, everwood, ewan mcgregor, fat halpert, frances mcdormand, futurama, gary cole, ghostbusters, glee (sometimes), gomez, hinky, homestar runner, i'm just saying, imaginary boyfriends, incredimeltable, j.k. simmons, jack johnson, james spader, jane austen, john sayles, johnny cash, jon stewart, judd apatow, keats, len and bob, lite fm love songs, long way round, lyle lovett, magnolia, men in drag, men with gravelly voices, michael perry, minding one's own business, mindy kaling, moviegoing etiquette, mr show, mst3k, newsradio, old-school movie theaters, p.t. anderson, parks and recreation, patton oswalt, paul f tompkins, phil hartman, pride and prejudice, psych, rachel mcadams, rainn wilson, reading, robbie williams, rocking a pompadour, roger miller, rufus wainwright, ryan gosling, samuel gerard, scrabble, semicolons, sexy-creepy guys, shakespeare, silas adams, southland, strangers with candy, target, teen girl squad, the daily show, the fugitive, the office us, the simpsons, the station agent, the wire, theodore roosevelt lilly, tim gunn, travis, tv shows on dvd, unironically loving richard marx, walking, wes anderson, white collar, will ferrell, willie nelson, wisconsin, xena: warrior princess, you've got mail